Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Flying has never been easier

We are offering the combination of price and quality. Fly with confidence that you are getting quality and professional flight instruction at a great competitive price with Top Flight Aviation

All airplanes are available for rent and for flight training purposes. Prices are wet (fuel surcharge may apply due to the current high gas prices)

Time Building

Aircraft Rentals

Build flight time towards your future ratings or certficates or rent our aircraft for leasury flying. Either way, you should enjoy the perks of having your pilot’s license and to fly your family and friends for the $100 hamburger!

Our goal is for you to build your hours in the safest and shortest amount of time. Get quality flying hours in the ideal conditions.



We pride ourselves with clean, reliable airplanes with modern avionics. Our mission is to bring affordable services with a strong focus on safety, convenience and fun.

CFI/I Rate is $70/per hour

MEI Rate is $100/per hour

Cessna 172SP
$169 / per hour

Equipped with dual Garmin G5 digital instruments and GNS430W

Cessna 172N
$169 / per hour

Equipped with Dual Garmin G5 digital instruments and GNS 650W

Cessna 172SP
$169 / per hour

Equipped with Dual Garmin G5 digital instruments and GNS 650W

Cessna 182T G1000
$229 / per hour

Equipped with Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit and KAP140 Autopilot

Cessna 172M
$169 / per hour

Equipped classic 6-pack instruments and GNS 430

Cessna 172M
$169 / per hour

Equipped classic 6-pack instruments and GNS 430

Cessna 172M
$169 / per hour

Equipped classic 6-pack instruments and GNS 430W

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche
$375 / per hour - Aircraft Rental (DUAL ONLY)
$100/per hour - Flight Instructor (MEI)

Digital Cockpit – Equipped with Garmin GI-275 flight and engine instruments and Garmin touchscree GPS

FAA Approved Flight Simulator

Redbird TD2

This FAA-approved aviation training device is the perfect time- and money-saving tool for pilots of all levels. As a student pilot, the Redbird can help you practice ATC communications, navigation, flying by reference to instruments, and more. Customers seeking an instrument rating can learn and practice holding patterns, instrument approaches, and more. Already have your IFR? You can maintain your currency and greatly improve your proficiency in the Redbird by practicing IFR emergencies or practicing in weather simulations you would be uncomfortable flying through in real life.

Garmin G1000 glass panel AND traditional six pack with GNS-530 panel available
Advanced autopilot
Retractable landing gear (optional configuration)
Constant speed/variable pitch propeller (optional configuration)
$50/ per solo hour
$110/ per dual hour
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