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Join us for a journey that will change your view of life forever. It’s one of the most exciting and rewarding hobbies/career out there

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Whether your goal is to fly airliners across the country for a living, or simply soar across the country for the fun of it – There’s a pilot certificate for you!

Recreational Flying​

Looking to fly friends and family or owning your aircraft?

Professional Pilot Career

Zero experience to Commercial Pilot Certificate

Initial Training

Private Pilot Course

Private pilot certificate offers the most privileges of any initial pilot certificate, and puts few restrictions on where and what you can fly. A minimum of 40 flight hours and an FAA medical certificate are required

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Advanced Training

Instrument Rating Course

Train for this any time after the private pilot certificate to learn how to fly in the clouds, by reference to aircraft instruments. It increases your skills and the value of your certificate, and is a requirement for the ATP (Airline Transport Pilot Certificate)

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Professional pilot career

Become a Commercial pilot

12 Months Program

If you want to fly for compensation or hire, you’ll need at least the commercial certificate. It’s a prerequisite to work as a flight instructor, corporate or charter pilot, among many others. You’ll learn addtional maneuvers and rules/regulations 

Additional Training

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Ground Training

The course is designed to ensure pilots are well prepared to answer examination questions, both oral and written, through extensive knowledge and preparation. This course is taught in-person or online

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Commercial Pilot Certificate

If you want to fly for compensation or hire, you’ll need at least the commercial certificate. It’s a prerequisite to work as a flight instructor, corporate or charter pilot or fly skydivers, etc

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Flight Instructor Certificate

Build fundamental knowledge and develop your teaching skills. The FAA has already certified you as a competent commercia pilot; our job is to ensure that you become a well-prepare instructor

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High Performance Training

Pilots will become familiar with the characteristics and procedures for the high-performance airplane. Training is designed to teach the pilot how to stay ahead of the airplane in all phases of flight

book a discovery flight

Discovery Flight is a flight that allows a person that’s never been flying to try it out for the first time. It’s usually an hour long flight with a certified flight instructor that includes your participation. If you’ve never flown before, you might be wondering what to expect. Here are a few things to expect during a typical discovery flight.

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