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Commercial Pilot

Are you ready to make aviation your career?  Then you’re ready for the Commercial Pilot License. A commercial pilot may be compensated for flying. Training for the certificate focuses on a better understanding of aircraft systems and a higher standard of airmanship.

The Commercial Pilot Certificate builds on skills learned from private pilot and instrument training and allows an aviator to fly passengers or cargo for hire.

As a commercial pilot, you gain a greater depth of understanding in a variety of areas ranging from aerodynamics, aircraft performance, aircraft envelope control, and human factors. You also gain a much deeper understanding of the regulatory framework that governs us as pilots. By training for your Commercial Pilot’s license, you will bring your knowledge and skills up to professional pilot standards.

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steps to become a Commercial Pilot

Meet the Requirements

You must pass the basic medical exam, hold Private Pilot Certificate, be at least 18 years old, be a US Citizen or hold a valid Visa to US and read, speak and understand English

Complete Ground School

Your ground school classes cover a wide range of topics to prepare you for flight training. Once you complete your ground school, you must pass the FAA written exam

Complete Flight Training

The FAA requires total of 250 hrs in an airplane or simulator and at least 10 hrs in Complex or TAA aircraft, in order to earn the license

Pass the Check-Ride

Once your CFI feels you are ready, he or she will sign off and arrange your final checkride with an FAA examiner. When you pass your checkride, you are now an official commercial pilot

How the Training Works

The Commercial Single-Engine Land course is a logical step for some pilots based upon their career track. We conduct the course in a single-engine Cessna 172 TAA (technologically Advanced Aircraft). In addition to the maneuvers you mastered while earning your private pilot certificate and instrument rating, you will learn additional, maximum performance maneuvers such as the chandelle, lazy-8 and eights-on-pylons. This training will build your precision, coordination, planning, orientation and overall smoothness on the controls. After completion of your training, your proficiency and skill level will sky rocket to be on par with airline pilots.

  • Must hold a Private Pilot’s License
  • Must log at least 250 total hours
  • Must log at least 10 hours in a complex or TAA (Technologically Advanced Aircraft ) airplane

We do not, and will not, simply train you to pass your Check Ride, you will be evaluated each and every minute while in the air, as well as in ground training and you are guaranteed to not only to pass your Check Ride, but to become a Confident, Proficient and Safe Commercial Pilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective commercial pilots typically log at least 250 hours of flying time to earn their license.

If you are pursuing a private, instrument or multi-engine certificate you will most likely learn to fly in a two- or four-seat airplane with one engine and fixed landing gear. Most training airplanes carry two to four hours of aviation fuel and fly about 100 mph.

Finally, once you’ve earned your Commercial Pilot License, you will probably want to go on to the next rating. The Flight Instructor Courses is the next logical step. Above all, we want to support you in your ultimate goal of becoming a professional pilot.

Additional Training

Available Courses

25 hrs

Ground Training

The course is designed to ensure pilots are well prepared to answer examination questions, both oral and written, through extensive knowledge and preparation. This course is taught in-person or online

30 hrs

Commercial Pilot Certificate

If you want to fly for compensation or hire, you’ll need at least the commercial certificate. It’s a prerequisite to work as a flight instructor, corporate or charter pilot or fly skydivers, etc

15 hrs

Flight Instructor Certificate

Build fundamental knowledge and develop your teaching skills. The FAA has already certified you as a competent commercia pilot; our job is to ensure that you become a well-prepare instructor

5 hrs

High Performance Training

Pilots will become familiar with the characteristics and procedures for the high-performance airplane. Training is designed to teach the pilot how to stay ahead of the airplane in all phases of flight

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